How Can We Reduce Poverty

Many people live in poverty. Children grow up short of an advantage of a stable family, worth schools, or even enough nutrition. Grownup lack quality education and therefore has limited wages and job. There is a number proven program for example excellent early education and the nurse-domestic partnership, that can benefit to buffer the scarcity effects. However, that is not a long-term solution; the best thing to do is to work on reducing poverty in general. Here are some effective ways on how to reduce poverty.

Create job opportunities.  The greatest pathway out of poverty is creating well-paying jobs. The federal government should invest in creating job strategies, for instance, rebuilding the infrastructure, and mounting renewable resources. The new jobs will help to revitalize many people and as well boost the national economy. The long-term unemployed people and the disadvantaged workers should be taught on investing in proven models of subsidized employment. In addition, the government should consider establishing small-scale industries in rural areas to create jobs for people living in rural area.


Coach people on how to save.  Many people have a problem of saving; they are used to the hand and mouth way. They believe that whatever they get in a day is consumable do not think about tomorrow. Therefore, people should be educated via seminars and conferences on the benefits of saving.


Create credit amenities.  Improvising credit facilities to the disadvantaged people can help to fight poverty. In addition, extending loans to the youth to start businesses can help to fight poverty. In addition, the government should consider giving out loans to the farmers to buy fertilizers to facilitate farming.


Fight corruption.  Corruption is the greatest enemy of the economy as well as a setback of development. The government should put across measures to curb corruption and use that money to help the poor raise their living standards.


Create market opportunity.  The poor people and especially the ones in the rural areas will be in a position to market their products if there was a market for their products. Therefore, the federal government should find ways of creating a market for people to produce. Rural people will be in a position to market and sell their products if they get to market for their products. If the markets are available for what is produced it will be easy to sell the products and earn a living out of it. One can sell milk and rice pudding to gain profit!


In conclusion, the major method to reduce poverty is by creating new job opportunities. However, the other methods are also effective. If more jobs were available, the process of reducing poverty would be simple.